Guzape District Residents Demand Immediate Action on Incessant Blasting by Construction Company

Residents of the Guzape District in the Federal Capital Territory are raising concerns about the continuous blasting of rocks by construction company, Gilmor Engineering Limited. The residents claim that these explosive activities pose a significant threat to their lives and properties. Led by former Kogi State Deputy Governor, Simon Achuha, the residents took matters into their own hands by calling on the Federal Government to intervene and put an end to this hazardous practice.

In recent months, residents have observed the incessant blasting of rocks in close proximity to their residential areas. This is in clear violation of established regulations governing such activities for construction or mining purposes. The blasting is so intense that it causes tremors, shaking the entire vicinity and risking the integrity of nearby residential houses, as well as the safety of families living there.

Despite reporting the issue to the police and receiving warnings to adhere to regulations, Gilmor Construction Company Limited has shown no regard for the concerns raised. In an attempt to delay justice, extraneous interests have allegedly been introduced, causing significant delay in the resolution of the matter. As a result, the residents have taken legal action to restrain the company from further harm.

The purpose of these blasting operations is allegedly for the construction of roads to develop the Guzape district. However, the residents argue that these roads should have been constructed over a decade ago, before any housing construction was approved by the relevant authorities. At present, alternative roads have already replaced the intended infrastructure, making the current project of minimal importance for the area’s development.

The residents emphasize that while they support the district’s growth, it should never come at the expense of their lives, as guaranteed by the constitution. Gilmor Engineering Limited’s actions are viewed as an infringement on their fundamental right to life, as well as a violation of environmental regulations. The National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency, the Ministry of Mines and Solid Minerals Development, the Federal Ministry of Environment, and the Federal Capital Development Administration have been urged to intervene urgently.

Efforts to obtain a statement from Gilmor Engineering Limited have been unsuccessful, as the company’s engineers on site refused to speak with the media. It is essential for the government to address this matter promptly to ensure the safety and well-being of the Guzape District residents.

Domande frequenti:

1. Quali sono le preoccupazioni dei residenti del distretto di Guzape riguardo alla Gilmor Engineering Limited?
2. Perché i residenti considerano le attività di esplosione delle rocce come una minaccia significativa per le loro vite e proprietà?
3. Cosa hanno fatto i residenti per chiedere l’intervento del governo federale?
4. Quali sono le violazioni delle regolamentazioni che governano le attività di esplosione delle rocce?
5. Perché la Gilmor Construction Company Limited non ha mostrato alcun rispetto per le preoccupazioni sollevate dai residenti?
6. Quali sono le misure prese dai residenti per proteggere se stessi?
7. In che modo le operazioni di esplosione delle rocce sono connesse alla costruzione di strade?
8. Per quale motivo i residenti ritengono che la costruzione delle strade non sia più necessaria per lo sviluppo dell’area?
9. Quali organizzazioni governative sono state sollecitate ad intervenire?
10. Quali sono le azioni richieste dal governo per garantire la sicurezza dei residenti del distretto di Guzape?


1. Gilmor Engineering Limited: società di costruzioni coinvolta in operazioni di esplosione delle rocce nel distretto di Guzape.
2. Esplosione delle rocce: attività che coinvolge l’uso di esplosivi per rimuovere grandi masse di roccia al fine di creare spazio per la costruzione o l’estrazione mineraria.
3. Guzape District: distretto situato nel Territorio della Capitale Federale.
4. Federal Government: governo federale nigeriano.
5. Ministries and Agencies: ministeri e agenzie governative menzionati nell’articolo, tra cui la National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency, il Ministry of Mines and Solid Minerals Development, il Federal Ministry of Environment e il Federal Capital Development Administration.

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